Actionetics Review

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“Think outside the box.” That is the one thing which keeps ringing in the minds of marketers
nowadays so that they can approach marketing with a completely fresh approach. All the
marketers want is to be able to get through to their customers or prospective customers more
and more effectively, right?

There are so many ways to communicate with customers now. Things like live streaming, social
media campaigns and video content are definitely booming but there is one thing that’s
actually going to make for a better means of communicating with the customers. No, I’m not
talking about a new invention in the world of digital marketing. In fact, I am talking about the
oldest avenue in digital marketing – email marketing.

No, email marketing is not dead. Yes, people still use it and yes, it is a very effective means of
marketing communications. Of course with changing times, there is a need to have a renewed
approach to email marketing so that the level of customer interaction through email increases
again. I’ve found Actionetics by Clickfunnels be my answer to that.

Actionetics By Clickfunnels

In my experience as a marketer, I have actually relied heavily on email marketing as a tool to
reach out to the potential customers. It is a very strong avenue to explore and it has always
provided me value for money. The thing is that the competition in the market has grown with
all the new marketing avenues popping up and email marketing seems like it has taken a back
seat in the bigger scheme of things.

Actionetics has come into the picture to change things up. It’s a marketing automation platform
that I’ve been using since I upgraded my subscription to the Clickfunnels platform and it has
been a revelation. I don’t need to subscribe to any third party email automation services
anymore because Actionetics actually integrated to my current marketing efforts without a

I’m saving a lot of time now since I don’t need to go through the painstaking process of
importing all my contacts from the sales funnels into the email automation service – it’s all
there in one place. You see, the task itself wasn’t a tough one but it took a lot of time. It was
inefficient. Upgrading to Actionetics changed that for me. It has freed up a lot of my time so
that I can focus on more pressing marketing processes and the sales funnels.

One of the best things about Actionetics is that my sales funnels and marketing
communications channels are all in one place. My ability as a marketer to engage with my
customers has stepped up to a whole new level in the playing field.

My Final Verdict on Actionetics?

I think I’ve made it quite clear where I stand when it comes to Actionetics by Clickfunnels. I
wanted to make a fresh approach towards my email marketing campaigns and I got more than
what I came for. The marketing automation tool doesn’t just let me create and send auto-
sender emails, it allows me to do so much more.

The user interface is pretty simple. Even a beginner can use the automation tool without any
problems. Oh and with just $297 per month, this is one of the most affordable premium
services that you can get in the world of marketing nowadays. I’m definitely sold on this.