Aweber Email Marketing Software Review

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Aweber is the ultimate email marketing software in my opinion. Having used it for a number of years, Aweber is leading the pack in the field of email marketing software. For online business owners and internet marketers, Aweber offers an excellent choice for their email marketing needs.

This email software provider is known for their highly rated email deliverability and great customer support. With over 115,000 customers in its launch year, 1998.  Aweber continues to be one of the most effective email marketing software out there.

Successfully delivering your emails, Aweber puts the control of the email marketing campaign in the hands of the users. The software enables you to tweak and improve all the functionalities involved in your email marketing process. From developing your opt-in forms to customizing your broadcast messages. Aweber is the most effective email marketing software and its simple to use. No complicated coding or technical knowledge is required. You do not have to take an additional interest in programming to use Aweber.

Why you should get Aweber

Ease of use for internet marketers. You do not need advanced computer programming skills to be able to use this email marketing software.

Great automation. With free trials to new users, Aweber email marketing software offers great automation in keeping track of the total subscribers and number of responses that you get from your emails.
Fast live chat customer support team. There customer support team are available 24/7, and they have virtually all the answers to your email marketing questions.

Allows you to create multiple forms

Simple and straightforward user interface. The software easily allows you to build your email campaign autoresponders. It enables you to use tags to effectively manage your email campaigns. The tags are used to categorize people who click on a specified link or open an email.

Easy and simple customizable landing page. You can design your landing page to suit your aesthetic and marketing designs.

Design several forms. Aweber creates multiple forms per list. Email autoresponders like MailChimp don’t do this. If you want to develop your email list in a short time, this is the best. It allows you to get access to people’s emails through additional content like a checklist.

Uncomplicated integration with WordPress. Most of the websites run on WordPress. With a quick and stress-free integration, Aweber makes it easy for new business owners to get started.

The downside of using Aweber is that it may feel a bit pricey if you have a large email list. This is good if your ROI increases as your email list increases. If you run a non-profit organization, it may pose a few financial concerns to maintain.

What is great about Aweber?

Ease of tracking the total subscribers and number of responses.
Easy-to-use plugins for different contentment marketing software and platforms.


Aweber is the leader of email marketing software. I have used other email marketing software like MailChimp. I can confidently tell you that Aweber is the real winner.