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Hi, James Hughes here and Welcome to my youtube channel. I just wanted to go over my sales funnel resources for clickfunnels.

So if you were wanting these resources, you need to sign up for clickfunnels.

Just click the link at the bottom of the video.  That will enable me to get an affiliate commission and this is how I grow my my affiliate marketing business. Which is all based around sales funnels and using the click funnels program.

So if you’re looking for a sales funnel builder, this is by far the best sales funnel builder out there.

I use it for my clients work and for my own funnels and websites. So click on the link below, sign up for the free trial, the 14-day free trial and you’ll have access to all these great bonuses.  In getting those, I’ll need to see that your emails in there. That you’ve purchased clickfunnels and I’ll send you a link via that email with the access to sales funnel resources.

So I’ll just go over it now.  This is the website, as it says welcome to clickfunnel sales funnel resources. Everything you need to market sell and deliver your products online. It’s the biggest resource of free sales and marketing funnels on the web.  This is my bonus.  I’ve checked other people’s bonuses and yeah, you get a hell of a lot for just signing up for a free trial.  So make sure you do that. Check them out and get all these goodies.  If you like, just go through the site.  You get list building funnels, sales funnels, standard sales funnels, product launch funnels, webinar funnels, membership funnels that will enable you to create your own membership site with the funnel.

You’ll get a best-seller book, full product launch funnel, a perfect webinar funnel, real stuff funnel, a fishbowl funnel, and a network marketing bridge funnel if you know network marketing. Here are the instructions to allow you to get all of these great bonuses.

Click funnels, a bestseller book funnel, click full funnels bonus, product launch funnel, click funnels bonus, three perfect webinar funnels, click funnels, bonus for the real stuff funnel, click funnels bonus, fishbowl funnelClickfunnels bonus 6 -network marketing bridge funnel.

So all you need to do is some Q&A is down on the bottom.   I’ll just go through this.   How and when do I get the bonuses?  After you click the button on this page, you’ll be redirected to purchase click funnels.  That’s the first thing that you do after you purchase.

You simply send your receipt to me at [Jameshughesonline at] and will then give you access to the member’s area.  I’ll send you the link with all your bonuses in and there’s also a link on there in case you need any help and I’ll be there to help you quickly to sort that out and to get started.

All you need to do there is just click on the link for the live chat.  So when you complete your payment and actually buy click funnels is when you will get access to the member’s area.  I’ve just said, naturally we must be sure that you are a buyer in order to receive your bonuses.  People have paid in excess of $1,000 to get some of these bonuses that I’m offering.

Let’s move to the member’s area.   All you need to do is just click on any of these buttons and you get free lifetime access which is this bonus.  This is constantly getting updated with more stuff so as well as the bonuses, the free bonus templates.  You will get my guide,  the five-minute guide to building the sales funnel – valued at  $27.00.  You’ll also get my seven-figure sales funnel strategy planner and you’ll also get a one-hour consultation from myself to help you set up and create a successful sales funnel.

So moving on, so this is the member’s area, this is inside the member’s area.  So just a welcome message there again,  some information on click funnels and explains from Russell Brunson and his team how great of a program.   It is and how it can really help your business and you as an entrepreneur.    So, yes more info there This just cause of my over my done-for-you service, so you can shed you a strategy call in case you need help with building the funnel.   Some more tools here so that’s calm secrets but that’s a free book which is absolutely fantastic that was written by Russell Brunson.

This goes off a funnel script, another cool piece of kit which writes sales copy for you.   You can add that to tea sales funnel pages resources.  This is where you can download my guide, 5-minute guide.  There’s funnel building – the three secrets.  That’s training from Russell Brunson revealing the three secrets of successful funnel building so you can get that there.   This is what’s mentioned on the website.

These are the bonuses you’ll get and also these ones real-estate agent selling funnel, invisible membership funnel supplement product, funnel high-ticket coaching funnel, a trip wire funnel, event application funnel, MLM, affiliate survey page for membership funnel, and a summit booking funnel.  So you get all of that stuff.  It’s a bonus for signing up via my link and you can find that down below.  So, that’s it for the bonuses.  Thanks for watching.

Click Here to sign up for your two weeks free trial for click funnels.

Check it out, you’ve got two full weeks to check it all out and then once you’ve done that ping me an email saying that you’ve signed up for click funnels and I will then send you an email within 24 hours with access to these great bonuses.

Thanks for watching, speak to you later.

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