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Funnel Builder Secrets Lite

Hi this is James Hughes and I’m just wanting to show you this new funnel builder secrets from the dashboard.

Well it’s a new dashboard within the the click funnels dashboard.   I’ve just logged-in and there’s Russel Brunson.  There we’ve got the first section, the death of the website because sales funnels are the way forward. You know the website is basically dead because the website is more or less like an online brochure and it doesn’t have the the sales process attached to it which these funnels do.  Let’s have a look at the first section the death of the website. So we’ve got an explainer video there, got some home page funnel types, all three. So if you sign up with click funnels trial you get access to all of these templates, these amazing templates.

You’ve got 10 there and then it goes over the seven funnel types.  It’s a squeeze funnel. Let’s have a look at these all professionally designed, yeah look at those very good design. Okay let’s go back step then we’ve got application funnels. So if you’re selling a high ticket product or a coaching course, you can use these funnel templates here. Ideal for the high ticket products, beautifully designed. Tripwire funnels, the third one, let’s have a look at those. Yeah fantastic design!

So if you sign up for the click funnels free trial there’s a link underneath this video to my free trial bonuses.

If you click through the link below, sign up for the bonus, sign up for click funnels and email me, you will get access to all my great clickfunnels bonuses, a free consultation, etc.

So click the links down below to sign up for your clickfunnels free trial and get all these great templates. So these are the tripwire ones, sales letter funnels as well.

This is brand new to the clickfunnels dashboard. So there’s your sales letter funnels, product launch funnels. If you’re launching an online product, these funnel templates are ideal for your online product launch. There we go excellent design, very cool webinar funnels.

All you need to do is sign up for the free trial, 14 days to check it out. Access funnel builder secrets from the main dashboard and you get all these fantastic sales funnel templates that can be well plug-and-play. You just need to tweak them, you know add your logo in add the copy, your copy, so absolutely fantastic. So that is funnel builder secrets within the new dashboard and that’s the first section, death of the website. So check it out, check this video out like comment share share the video and and don’t forget to click on the trial below,the free trial for clickfunnels and get access to a whole host of goodies and bonuses.

Thanks, speak soon.

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