UpViral Review


Marketing a business is not always an easy task.
Considering the increasing acceptance of Facebook Ads as well as other social media marketing packages, it can cost a fortune to attract the ideal audience; this can be financially excruciating for small businesses who operate on a limited budget.

Marketers and business owners are now leveraging on the power of referrals for their businesses. With Upviral viral referral software, they are able to utilize technology in automating the process of asking their teeming website visitors in recommending their friends and social connections.

At only $37 per month, you can generate more leads for your business.

Why you should get Upviral

Viral Product Launches. Anytime you check the internet, there is always one product that seems to be tearing down the internet world. If you check carefully, they may be using UpViral for their viral product launch.
Viral Contests. Finding people to join your contests may be a bit frustrating especially if you are operating in a very unique niche. However, UpViral allows you to leverage on its powerful viral tool to direct people to your contest. Within minutes, the viral software can help you use the contest idea to market your products and services through Facebook and Twitter.

Viral Giveaways. When you use UpViral, you can literally turn one average lead into many high tickets leads with no significant effort on your part. By incentivizing with freebies and prizes, you can get your website visitors to bring other visitors. This works well if you are running an online store.

The best aspect of this impressive viral referral software is that it integrates seamlessly with other marketing software like ClickFunnels and LeadPages. This means that you do not have to develop another funnel if you have built one already. The only downside to this software is that entrants get rewarded by clicking the social share buttons. Visitors who are aware of this glitch may exploit it, but this is rare.

What is great about Upviral?

During the test period, the founder, Wilco de Kreij, was able to amass mind-boggling results. Some of the results include:
Generating over 100,000 brand new leads for a new company in less than seven days of using the viral referral software.
Gathering 138,790 leads on a simple 2-page site, in less than six weeks.

Viral Referral Software

More amazingly, the beta users collected thousands of email leads in the weeks leading to the official UpViral launch. To be more specific, in less than four days, a beta tester obtained over 16,000 subscribers.
Dropbox had a 3900% increase in its numbers of email subscribers. In less than 15 months, the cloud storage company went from 100,000 subscribers to over 4 million users.


UpViral is the real deal if you have been struggling to increase the number of your subscribers, or if you are just getting started with your online business. The 30-day Money Back Guarantee ensures that you do not have to fear losing your hard-earned cash in case you do not like the software. UpViral is worth every penny you use in purchasing the viral software.